In 3 days, I'll show you how to plan and write a new message to your child, to completely change how they think and feel about you.  

The 3 Day Challenge is your chance to stop the endless cycle of rejection by getting step-by-step guidance that will help you make progress with your alienated child.

In this action-driven, counter-intuitive challenge, I’m going to show you how to communicate with your child in a way you never have before. In 3 days you will have a new message ready to send!

I'm Ryan Thomas, an alienated child who discovered the truth after 2 decades and reunited. I'll guide you through this challenge.


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Here’s what we’re going to cover in our 3 Day Challenge:


VALIDATE Their Emotions (Section 1)

Validate your child's emotions to let them know you understand how they FEEL. This will allow them to start to release their anger and let their guard down so they can hear your message.


Be The OPPOSITE (Section 2)

Completely shock your child by being the exact opposite of what they expect. Leaving them feeling confused and questioning what they belief about you opens new windows of possibility.


ASK Questions (Section 3)

Ask your child a question to spark their own thought process and get them thinking. We'll ask 2 questions that will set the stage for new opportunities and next steps in your relationship. This is all about progress!

This challenge is for action takers. It's not JUST information and guidance, you'll have step-by-step coaching on what to say, a templat to customize for your situation, and in 3 days a fully written new message for your son or daughter.