Parents are loosing the relationship with their children everyday.

They get absorbed in legal battles and by the time they get custody or visitation, the relationship is destroyed. They rely on their own logic and understanding to combat the rejection. Unfortunately, its not enough. They try to "set the record straight" and "tell it like it is" to help their relationship. It backfires and makes things worst.

It takes 3 key elements to help save the relationship between a parent and child. Insider knowledge, a customized strategy that works, real-time support as you implement every step.



I offer insider knowledge and a behind-the-scene perspective on what your child is going through, and most importantly, how to change their thinking and their behavior towards you. We develop custom solutions for your specific situation and give you a step-by-step plan. You receive one-on-one coaching guidance every step of the way, so you're never alone - always supported.

That's why I've been trusted by parents in over 25 countries, including a variety of high-profile individuals, celebrities, and parents dealing with high-stakes custody battles, divorce aftermath, and long-term rejection.


First-Hand Experience

I Was Your Child...

In order to reach a sad, angry child who is rejecting you, you must understand their thoughts, emotions, behaviors and actions. I rejected by Dad for over 2 decades until we reunited. Nothing he tried worked, like you, he was living in the twighlight zone - the world was upside down. His logic wasn't my logic.

I show parents what they can't see or even imagine: what's going on in their child's mind. This perspective allows me to show parents what TO SAY and what NOT to say to save the relationship. This insider knowledge is the game changer you need to make progress.

I Bring Urgency

I know there is no time to waste

My step-by-step process ensures that every available option is implemented to save your relationship. Our structured approach is action oriented to generate the results you want in your relationship. I also customize solutions for your specific situation, timeframe, dynamics, and severity.

If you're looking for sessions that revolve around; "How are you feeling today?" or "What is your challenge this week?" we aren't a good fit. We know that with every passing day your relationship is in jeopardy and we bring that urgency to everything we do. Sometimes that means jumping on a plane and supporting you on-site.