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Film Segment Overview

2:19 - Losing Your Relationship
Why everything you try backfires and doesn't work

4:28 - Voices Robbed
How to understand your child in a completely different way

9:03 - You are Not Alone
Accessing the Power of the Reconnect 6

12:23 - Reuniting is Possible
How to Create a Breakthrough

16:17 - Never Give Up
Real-life strategies you can use right now

21:14 - Be Ready
How to prepare for, and create progress

26:01 - Keep Believing
Focus your energy and take action

37:04 - Have a Plan to Follow
Know exactly what actions to take


The Most Comprehensive System to Beat Parental Alienation and Save Your Relationship.

Hours of Video Coaching, Guides, Scripts, Templates, Action Plans and more

  • "I was told to give up by my counselor, instead I followed Ryan Thomas and reunited with my son."
    Susan, Alienated Mom

You Have Options, Choices, Strategies, and Tools at Your Fingertips

You Have More Control Than You Think.

  • "I followed your advice and reunited with 2 of my 3 children after years apart. I can't thank you enough."
    Ron, Alienated Dad
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The Reconnect 6 Components

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