I am are happy to share some of the results we've helped make a reality.

Most of my clients value their anonymity due to the sensitive, often high-profile nature of each situation. Likewise, in many cases we are under a non-disclosure agreements.

I view my work as behind-the-scenes guidance to let my clients shine. The following are real stories, from real parents who have graciously agreed to share excerpts of their story and results, while protecting themselves and their family. Of course I can’t guarantee any results of any kind. No one can guarantee the ability to change another person’s behavior. But, I will share with you what I believe are the most effective things YOU can do to make a difference.

"Relationship saved after being told to give up by professionals."

Susan's Story

Susan was told by professional therapists to "Give Up," her child didn't want to see her anymore, had "drank the cool-aide" and it was "too late." Instead, she contacted Ryan Thomas and he helped her re-gain the relationship with her child.

"Wish I had you during my divorce - finally reunited with two children after 4 years thanks to you."

Ron's Story

Ron had a long, high-conflict divorce. By the time his legal rights were protected, his children hated him and refused all contact and visitation. He was rejected for years until working with Ryan Thomas, then one-by-one his daughters started coming back to him. Today, they accept him with open arms.

"My children came home for the holidays - and stayed after following your advice and guidance."

Sherry's Story

After being repeatedly rejected by her children after divorce, Sherry completely transformed how she communicated with them. She followed Ryan's advice and guidance, and both her college-aged children came home to spend the holiday's and beyond.

"So happy to finally have a plan to follow - and the confidence to take action"

Barb's Story

Barb's first breakthrough was within herself and how she approached her efforts to save the relationship with her son. The second, was being able to see things from her child's perspective like never before. This allowed her to change how she communicated and express her love.

"I have a relationship with both my daughters again after being shut out"

Toni's Story

Toni was reunited with both her children after being shut out for years. She transformed how she showed up in her children's life, used a brand new strategy to reconnect and completely transformed how she spoke with them - and she got them back!

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