I am are happy to share some of the results we've been a part of.

The following are real stories, from real parents who have graciously agreed to share excerpts of their story and results, while protecting themselves and their family. Specific results shared are NOT typical, these are parents who worked hard, made incredible adjustments in their life and their efforts. This is not easy. Of course I can’t guarantee any results of any kind. No one can guarantee the ability to change another person’s behavior. But, I will share with you what I believe are the most effective things YOU can do to make a difference.

I view my work as behind-the-scenes guidance to help put parents in the best possible position to create a breakthrough and make progress.

"Relationship saved after being told to give up by professionals."

Susan's Story

Susan was told by professional therapists to "Give Up," her child didn't want to see her anymore, had "drank the cool-aide" and it was "too late." Instead, she contacted Ryan Thomas and he helped her re-gain the relationship with her child.

"Wish I had you during my divorce - finally reunited with two children after 4 years thanks to you."

Ron's Story

Ron had a long, high-conflict divorce. By the time his legal rights were protected, his children hated him and refused all contact and visitation. He was rejected for years until working with Ryan Thomas, then one-by-one his daughters started coming back to him. Today, they accept him with open arms.

"My children came home for the holidays - and stayed after following your advice and guidance."

Sherry's Story

After being repeatedly rejected by her children after divorce, Sherry completely transformed how she communicated with them. She followed Ryan's advice and guidance, and both her college-aged children came home to spend the holiday's and beyond.

"So happy to finally have a plan to follow - and the confidence to take action"

Barb's Story

Barb's first breakthrough was within herself and how she approached her efforts to save the relationship with her son. The second, was being able to see things from her child's perspective like never before. This allowed her to change how she communicated and express her love.

"I have a relationship with both my daughters again after being shut out"

Toni's Story

Toni was reunited with both her children after being shut out for years. She transformed how she showed up in her children's life, used a brand new strategy to reconnect and completely transformed how she spoke with them - and she got them back!

My goal is to make an impact – these comments are WHY I do what I do!

Big Breakthrough!

“I had a big breakthrough [in communication] – your program is really working for me! Thank you, Ryan!!!!!!!!!”– Karen

Videos Will Go Down in History

“I believe these videos will go down in history as the key for people to understand alienation. The American Psychological Association just has no clue yet. After years of being on the receiving end of this from the alienating parent and the regime and after being not quite able to put my finger on this, it really brings a lot of personal resolution and explains lots of things that I had not realized were all related. Thank you so much.”– Howie

I Was Right to Invest!

“Ryan your advice in this video (along with all the others I have seen so far) is spot on and works. One reason I wanted your program is that I felt when watching your earlier videos that your heart and your spirit would give all of us a new light to see the real issues that are at play in our children’s lives. I am very grateful that you are using your experience to help all of us and that story confirmed to me that I was right to invest in this program. Thank you for blessing all of us and I am sending you all the courage, blessings and strength to the finish.”– Taawana

Biggest Breakthrough in Years!

“Ryan, I took your suggestion and my son agreed to sit at the dinner table every other visit. (Which he did) THEN, he started having dinner and talking with me on the other days as well. This is the biggest breakthrough I’ve had in years…We kind of felt like a normal family for a little bit.” – Jennifer

You are Changing My Family Tree for the Better

“Wanted to say thanks so much for all the time you took to create your program for parents like me. I tried on of your strategies and had a break through! My son wanted to meet in the nearest city. I was shocked and tried to keep it low pressure asking him where he wants to meet allowing him to stay in control. It was one of the best days of my life.I remember when I first heard about your program and couldn’t wait for it to open.  I am so grateful to you for helping me understand and try different ways to reconnect. I’ve read many books on PA and I think your program is the best source of information and tools I have found. I will always be grateful to you. You are changing my family tree for the better!!”– Josh S.

All I Can Say is Wow

“Thank you Ryan! all I can say is wow!! This is helping me understand so much! I have tried many times to get back into my son’s life since he was 5 and now I understand how he was feeling and what was going on in his mind!”– Bobi

Useful Tools Exceeds My Expectations

“So accurate and useful. I signed up for the course for your perspective, but to actually be given useful tools exceeds my expectations.” – CA


“Excellent Ryan. You have identified and have given me a more logical way to see this beyond my intense emotion.”– Mike

Finally The Answers I’ve Been Searching For

“I love this program, Ryan. I can’t wait for the next phase and those that follow. I want to stay up all night and go through the entire playbook, back to back. Finally, I see the answers I’ve been searching for.” – Leslie

An Hour Long Conversation

“Ryan, I used some of your questions via text message and what resulted was an hour long conversation with my son! So I want to thank you!” – Josh

Amazing Advice – Wish it was around 3 years ago!

“It’s amazing to have this guide. I only wish this was around 3 years ago when this started for me. This is such amazing advice. I am sure that some of my pushing further alienated my son. It seems I did everything you were suggesting not to do. I have to give it to you Ryan, it takes a lot of courage what you are doing and I really believe the court system needs to get in the loop on this.
Thank you again.” – KMB

Personal Resolution

“Wow. After years of being on the receiving end of this from the alienating parent and the regime and after being not quite able to put my finger on this, it really brings a lot of personal resolution and explains lots of things that I had not realized were all related. Thank you so much.” – Howie

Get Kid’s Thinking!

“FANTASTIC! SO many times we have wondered how do you get them just to think. Not to go this or that way but just, think. This has some great ideas.” -NTB

A Phenomenal Tool Moving Forward

“I cannot believe how precisely this compares to the email conversations with my ex stating this is how my boys feel. It is CRAZY how this is so easy to see once you know the patterns. Thank you so much Ryan for taking the time to do this for all us parents. It is just such a phenomenal tool moving forward in our battles.” – MLS

I Now Understand the Mistakes I Made

“I can relate to this and now understand the mistakes I made in dealing with my situation. I’ve said this before but I know that my actions played right into my ex wife’s hands.” – Brian

Thank You!

“I would just like to say thank you all tonight [on the group call] for your ideas and thoughts. The different thoughts and feelings on this have given me a lot to think of to determine the best course of action.” – Candy

I Feel Empowered Instead of Weak

“You’re amazing, I’m so grateful to have you as an adviser for this awful thing we all have to deal with. I feel empowered instead of weak and confused, you know the ropes and have such great insight! Thank you!” – Diane

Learned a Great Deal

“Ryan thanks so much for your wisdom and insight. I’ve learned a great deal from you and look forward to more [group] calls. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable. If there’s any group on the planet that understands unconditional love, it’s targeted parents. You are always in a safe zone with us!!! Keep up the good work!” – Barb

Packed Full of Information

“Thank you Ryan for your perspective on last nights [group] call. Wow, Packed full of information-just incredible! I especially liked your idea of using social media to post viewpoints and various life lessons that my kids can secretly view. It’s amazing how you can open up so freely about your life; I imagine it’s a healing for you as well. I appreciate your work very much! – Jeannine

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