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Celebrity Victim of Parental Alienation


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Did you know that Alec Baldwin considers himself a victim of parental alienation?

Over the years he has spoken out about long battle and I wanted to share this video in case you hadn’t seen it before.

At the :55 second mark he says “So much of what I went through these past 8 years was UNNECESSARY” Those words really hit home with me as I look back on my childhood. The anxiety, stress, lost years, and trauma were all completely unnecessary!

What you are going through as a parent who wants to be in your child’s life and show them love is unnecessary!

The constant rejection of an alienated child creates such levels of frustration you want to lash out with angry words or just give up. As a child of PA, I TOTALLY get it. Take time off, step away, let things rest for a while, but please don’t ever fully give up. You have too much to give. Most importantly try to vent to someone other than your child when you reach that emotional tipping point. (Alex Baldwin had a very public “outburst” against his daughter via answering machine message. It was played all over the media, casting a “what an awful parent” narrative – sound familiar?)

Anyways I just wanted to share this video with you and let you know that there is a celebrity (like him or not) dealing with PAS as well.

Stay stay strong, positive and loving!

Ryan Thomas

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