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What Alienated Children See...They Do

see and do

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I wanted to share this video because it clearly shows the impact a parent has on a child’s thoughts and actions. In essence, an alienated child will mimic the controlling parent…which will help build the child’s mind, against the target parent.

A child’s mind is like a sponge…they absorb information, stories, perspectives and biases and consider them “fact.” When a parent uses alienation words, behaviors, and actions against a target parent, the child is modeled that this is the acceptable behavior. In fact, it is often presented as this is the REQUIRED behavior in order for the child to “keep the peace.” Like anything in life, once you do something over and over, the repetition of a feeling, belief, or action becomes habit. We no longer question if it is right or wrong. Over the course of an alienated child’s life, they are constantly being re-enforced with the idea that the target parent is irrelevant and is to be discarded.

There are some that say that parental alienation isn’t real, or that it’s nothing more than ex’s battling each other. I can tell you from my own experience as an alienated child that it is a systematic approach to destroying a relationship with one parent…by whatever means necessary. Parental Alienation is real. The worst part is that the alienator hides their manipulation INSIDE the mind of the child…so that they can claim innocence.

The GOOD NEWS is that understanding the alienated child and how they think will help you prevent, stop, or get closer to beating parental alienation.

Stay stay strong, positive and loving!

Ryan Thomas

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