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Hi, I’m Ryan Thomas. I am a child of parental alienation.

For the last 7+ years, I've been speaking out about my experiences. It has been terrifying, liberating, and life-changing.

Here's my story. I was robbed of a relationship with my dad for over 25 years. Everything this kind and loving man did was bastardized. I was born believing he never truly cared about me. That story was re-enforce and manufactured every moment of my life for decades. My perception and love for him constantly tainted until the stress was so unbearable that I severed the relationship. My mom cheered for the success of her “life’s work” - to destroy my relationship with my Dad.

Speaking Out To Help Other Families

Hating Half Of Myself - The Long-Term Effects

I was poisoned against my dad by what I call “The Regime,” the controlling extended family unit that cloaked selfishness, hatred, and control as “love.” Like a cult, their mission was to convince me that only THEY loved me. It was abuse. Abuse with a smile and a hug.

I was brought up hating half of myself...
Anything that had to do with my Dad or "his side of the family" was evil and wrong. These effects impact my life well into adulthood and even to this day.

After years of brainwashing...
I started to realize the manipulation I was living under. I recognized the petty, limited world view I had been accustomed to and the cult like mentality I was living under. At first, these revelations had nothing to do with my Dad. Slowly, as time went on I began to discover that the relationship with my Dad was also completely tainted as well. This is when I reached out and begin to have a relationship with my Dad. Eventually, we completely "Reunited" and have an amazing relationship!

Now, I'm speaking out...
to help rejected and alienated parents prevent, cope with, and BEAT parental alienation. I'm grateful to say I've now helped parents in over 25 countries create breakthroughts, reconnect, and have full reunifications with their children. I’m not a doctor, or psychiatrist. I’m sharing my real-life story to give my perspective of someone who lived through parental alienation for 25 years, discovered the deceit, and reunited with my Dad to have the best relationship of my life. My mission is to share what worked, what didn’t and why – so that parents can beat it, and victimized kids can find their way back.


Understanding & Beating Parental Alienation

FREE Video Training Series

This free training series uncovers why parental alienation is so powerful, and why your children can't see they are being manipulated when they are clearly a puppet on a string. You’ll learn real-life, practical strategies you can use to start changing how your child thinks of you.

SABOTAGED! 3 Hidden Weapons of Parental Alienation

Digital Ebook + Bonus Videos

As a child of parental alienation I reveal the 3 hidden weapons that the alienator uses to sabotage your relationship with your child. I’ll use real-life examples of the weapons being used against you, how the alienator gets your child to delete people from their life, and whey your child is programmed to believe that bad things happen when you show up in their life. I share why and HOW I was so easily manipulating into cutting off the relationship with my Dad, and how alienation brainwashing lasted through my teen years, my 20’s and into adulthood. Available in Ebook or Audio Book.

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