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Thousands of parents have subscribed to my email list over the past 7+ years… To get started, I want you to watch this step-by-step breakdown of real-life communication mistakes, and the words and phrases you should never use (they will surprise you.) And, how to anticipate what your child actually WANTS to hear.


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Helping rejected or alienated parents know exactly what to say to repair the broken relationship with their children.

Are you a parent who's being rejected after divorce? Is your child being turned against you by your ex or someone else because they are angry and resentful? Is your angry, emotional child blaming you for everything and refusing contact? "Get Them Back" is designed to give you everything you need to reverse the lies and brainwashing and help you repair the broken relationship with your child...even if its been years or decades. This is more than a program, it's a lifeline. It's a 12-week transformative journey with the most support and understanding that you've ever had.

Backed by real-life experience and a heart-centered approach, this program integrates proven communication strategies and emotional mastery training. You'll be learning from Ryan Thomas, an adult child of divorce and alienation who gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what your child is truly thinking and feeling—information most parents never get to see. After working with parents in over 25 countries, for 10+ yars, with hundreds of breakthroughs and reconnections - There is hope. Also know that it's never too late...even if you've been blocked or everything is intercepted or monitored.

Experience Ryan's Perspective & Insights...


Experience Ryan's Perspective & Insights...


Get Them Back is a Perfect Fit If Your Child Is...

…Rejecting you and pushing you away for years even decades.

…Blaming you for every bad thing that is happening in their life.

…Being shown court documents and details to hurt you.

…Accusing you of abandoning them, taking all the money, and leaving them homeless.

…Made to believe false stories and lies about you.

…Acting out with aggression, name calling, swearing and throwing destructive tantrums.

…Denigrating anything you do or offer as stupid and worthless.

…Rejecting your gifts, phone calls, texts, or other communications.

…Refusing to show up for parenting time (or making the time miserable.)

…Pushing you and your family away. (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends)

…Holding you hostage with demands and ultimatums.

…Parroting the nasty words of your ex (and thinking they are their own beliefs.)

If you feel like everyone and everything is against you, and you don’t know how to turn things around, without making mistakes that can set you back years…I can help.

Experience Ryan's Perspective & Insights...


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I'm Ryan Thomas a child of divorce giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how to reach your child.


What Do Divorce Parents Need to Create Breakthroughs with Their Children
After helping parents in over 25 countries create breakthroughs with their children, I’ve build a step-by-step system that can deconstruct the alienation and help parents get their children back…while providing the most support they’ve ever had.