Helping severely rejected or alienated parents know exactly what to say to repair the broken relationship with their children.

Are you a parent who's being rejected after divorce? Is your child being turned against you by your ex or someone else because they are angry and resentful? Is your angry, emotional child blaming you for everything and refusing contact? "Get Them Back" is designed to give you everything you need to reverse the lies and brainwashing and help you repair the broken relationship with your child...even if its been years or decades. This is more than a program, it's a lifeline. It's a 12-week transformative journey with the most support and understanding that you've ever had.

Backed by real-life experience and a heart-centered approach, this program integrates proven communication strategies and emotional mastery training. You'll be learning from Ryan Thomas, an adult child of divorce and alienation who gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what your child is truly thinking and feeling—information most parents never get to see. After working with parents in over 25 countries, with hundreds of breakthroughs and reconnections - There is hope. Also know that it's never too late...even if you've been blocked or everything is intercepted or monitored.



Get Them Back is a Perfect Fit If Your Child Is...

…Rejecting you and pushing you away for years even decades.

…Blaming you for every bad thing that is happening in their life.

…Being shown court documents and details to hurt you.

…Accusing you of abandoning them, taking all the money, and leaving them homeless.

…Made to believe false stories and lies about you.

…Acting out with aggression, name calling, swearing and throwing destructive tantrums.

…Denigrating anything you do or offer as stupid and worthless.

…Rejecting your gifts, phone calls, texts, or other communications.

…Refusing to show up for parenting time (or making the time miserable.)

…Pushing you and your family away. (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends)

…Holding you hostage with demands and ultimatums.

…Parroting the nasty words of your ex (and thinking they are their own beliefs.)

If you feel like everyone and everything is against you, and you don’t know how to turn things around, without making mistakes that can set you back years…I can help.

Create Life-Changing Breakthroughs

You'll Discover How To...

Counteract the Lies & Manipulation: Discover how you can show your child the truth of what’s really going on, so they can see you are a loving parent.

Access Your Child Even if Blocked: Learn proven strategies to get messages and gifts to your children even if you've been blocked or everything is intercepted or monitored.

Know Exactly What To Say: Know how to crack the code to reach your child and know what they need to hear to let their walls of rejection come crashing down with your new vocabulary.

Make the Alienator Powerless: Learn strategies to control your emotions and overcome gaslighting, and have your own plan to follow to change your child’s mind about you.

Create Lightbulb Moments: Show your child who you really are and surprise them by being completely different than the person they think you are

Make it Easy For Them To Let You Back In: Learn the exact phrases to use so they can “forgive you” and give you a second change without feeling disloyal or guilty.

Master Difficult Dialogues: Gain the expertise to address the tough, often unspoken issues that have led to years of separation or misunderstanding, whether it’s the divorce, parental alienation, or deeply rooted emotional pain.

Reestablish Trust and Reliability: In the eyes of a child who has shut you out, you might be the last person they'd turn to. Learn how to slowly reestablish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable figure in their life—even if that means starting with baby steps.

Create a Safe Space: When rejection is severe, your child might see your home as a place they do not want to go. Learn how to turn that around, creating an atmosphere that your child—no matter their age—can eventually see as a safe and loving space.

Restore Your Own Inner Peace: No longer live in a state of constant worry or guilt about your relationship with your child; instead, enjoy the peace that comes with knowing you're taking the right steps.

Overcome Alienation and Rejection: Break down the fortified barriers that have kept you out of your child's life for so long. Whether these walls were erected by misunderstandings, your ex, or a complex combination of factors, discover targeted strategies to begin tearing them down.

Get Immediate Guidance & Long-Term Support

The Get Them Back Program helps you personally transform the way you think, feel, and communicate with your child. You'll receive a total of (12) weeks of step-by-step video training on your strategy, communication, and mindset to help get your child back. Plus dozens of scripts, templates, guides, and action-plans to know exactly what to say and do.

This program is perfect for parents who need help, but are also busy, budget-conscious, need to slowly integrate our training into your life, and prefer long-term support.

This program includes MONTHS of on-going support through monthly LIVE Communication Coaching Sessions w/Ryan, and LIVE EMOTION Coaching Sessions w/Jen. Plus, monthly MOMENTUM Sessions with both Ryan & Jen to keep your progress going each month.

Here are just some of the the areas you get personalized support and guidance on:

* Strategies to Create a New Vocbulary

* What TO SAY and What TO DO

* How to Set The Dynamic

* Setting Boundaries & Gaining Respect

* 5-Types of Communication

* How Often to Communicate & The Right Sequence

* How to Give Gifts (What to give, what to say, how to deliver them)

* Money & Ultimatums (How to no longer be an ATM when rejected)

* Getting Your Child to Respond To You

​How to Talk with Professionals, Teachers & Others (Persuade Them)

​Leveraging Other Family & Friends to Create Progress

* Modifying Your Approach Based on Situation & Changes

* Using Social Media (Even if you’re blocked)

* Making Progress if the Child Doesn’t Live with You

* Maximizing Every Opportunity to Interact w/Your Child

* How to Predict What Your Child Needs to Hear

* How to Persuade Them

* Includes 24/7, LIFETIME ACCESS to the Training Content!


We are going to help you understand exactly what’s going on inside your child’s mind, and help you predict what they need to hear - to accept you again.

We’ll develop a new step-by-step approach and plan to follow. So you’ll always have confidence and certainty of what you are doing next.

We’ll show you exactly what to say, word-for-word to start reaching your child and breaking down their walls….without making mistakes -that can cause you setbacks.

Then, we’ll give you the right actions to take to change your child’s mind about you and help them remember who you really are as a loving parent.

And, because your relationship is always changing, you’ll get everything you need to help your current situation, but also tools and tactics to use in the future as you make progress.

Here's What's Included:


8 Step-by-Step Modules with Ryan Thomas: → Extensive modules that go beyond theory, diving into practical ways to rebuild your relationship, one interaction at a time. Each behind-the-scenes training will tackle a specific facet of the parent-child relationship, providing real-life examples and actionable strategies. The best part? You can start implementing these strategies the same day you learn them.

Communication Training → Uncover the exact words that will crack open the emotional vault your child has been hiding behind. Including ready-to-use scripts, templates and outlines to follow and customize.

Emotional Mastery Training → It's not just about what to say or do; it's also about how you manage your emotions during this challenging period. This specialized training helps you dial in your emotions and mindset, making it easier to connect with your child by knowing how to navigate your child’s emotional maze with confidence.

Scripts & Templates → To ensure you turn what you learn into actionable steps, you get access to a range of supporting materials. These resources will guide you from insight to action, helping you apply what you've learned in a concrete way.

Months of LIVE Communication Coaching Sessions with Ryan: → Sometimes, you need personalized advice for your unique circumstances. That's why I offer multiple live coaching sessions each month where you can get direct guidance on your specific situation, making sure you're not just following a one-size-fits-all approach - but customized to your situation.

Months of LIVE Emotion Coaching Sessions with Jen: → Emotions run high during and after divorce—for everyone involved. Our emotional coaching sessions with Jen are designed to provide the emotional support you need. Whether you're dealing with trauma or just everyday chaos, these sessions are a safe space to seek help.

Momentum Sessions (On-Demand) 8 Months: → Ryan & Jen provide insights and guidance on how to keep your momentum going with new perspectives and ideas. These sessions are the fuel to keep your energy and confidence high.

GTB: Evolve (4) Weeks of Additional Training: → Continue your progress after the 8 weeks together with an additional self-guided, (4) week training program. Creating a total of (12) weeks of training support.

[BONUS] Parental Alienation Explained Video Course: → An in-depth training course on how your child's mind is manipulated, why they believe lies, and everything you need to know about alienation, from a child who survived it.

[BONUS] Access to Our Private Parent Community: → Connect with other parents who are currently going through the program as well as graduates to help support each other and build bonds with others who understand what you are going through. This private community is hosted in our secure Client Center (NOT Facebook) and is only accessible to our Get Them Back Community of clients.

[BONUS] "No Contact" Strategies Library: → BLOCKED on Email or Phone? Is everything intercepted by the alienator? You get a library of step-by-step tactics on how to make contact, send gifts and messages, and get connected, even if you’ve been blocked, ignored or intercepted.

[BONUS] Masterclasses → Complimentary access to multiple masterclass trainings on topics like "How to Handle Emotional Outbursts" or "Building Resilience in Your Child." This also includes joint sessions between Ryan & Jen, as well, as purposeful implementation workshops designed to ensure that you're applying the course material in the most effective way possible.

Lifetime Access → Life is unpredictable, especially after a divorce. That's why you get lifetime access to all program materials, so you can revisit the course during different stages of your parenting journey. So, you're not just investing in a solution for now—you're securing a resource for the future challenges you might face.

Summary of Everything You'll Receive:

- 12 Weeks of Step-by-Step Video Communication & Strategy Training from Ryan

- 12 Weeks of Emotional Mastery Video Training from Jen

- Personalized Playbook

- Scripts, Templates, Messages

- Months of LIVE Communication Group Coaching Sessions w/ Ryan.

- Months of LIVE Emotion Group Coaching Sessions w/Jen.

- Momentum Sessions w/Ryan & Jen (6 On-Demand Sessions)

- Lifetime Access

-[BONUS] Parental Alienation Explained Video Course

-[BONUS]Access to Our Private Parent Community

-[BONUS]"No Contact" Strategies Library

-[BONUS] Masterclass Trainings


We work with clients by APPLICATION ONLY to ensure a proper fit. Apply Below.

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After helping parents in over 25 countries create breakthroughs with their children, I’ve build a step-by-step system that can deconstruct the alienation and help parents get their children back…while providing the most support they’ve ever had.