Hi, I’m Ryan. I am a child of parental alienation. For the first time in 35 years I am speaking out about my experiences. I am terrified and liberated at the same time. I was robbed of a relationship with my dad for over 25 years. Everything this kind and loving man did was bastardized. I was born believing he never truly cared about me. That story was re-enforce and manufactured every moment of my life for decades. My perception and love for him constantly tainted until the stress was so unbearable that I severed the relationship. My mom cheered for the success of her “life’s work” - to destroy my relationship with my Dad. I was poisoned against my dad by what I call “The Regime,” the controlling extended family unit that cloaked selfishness, hatred, and control as “love.” Like a cult, their mission was to convince me that only THEY loved me. It was abuse. Abuse with a smile and a hug. Abuse that still haunts and affects me to this day. Now, I’m speaking out to help alienated parents prevent, cope with, and BEAT parental alienation. I’m not a doctor, or psychiatrist. I’m sharing my real-life story to give my perspective of someone who lived through parental alienation for 25 years, discovered the deceit, and reunited with my Dad to have the best relationship of my life. My mission is to share what worked, what didn’t and why – so that parents can beat it, and victimized kids can find their way back.